i'm like a firecracker, i make it hot. (fangtasian) wrote in add_me,
i'm like a firecracker, i make it hot.

My name is Cree, I'm 18 years old (turning 19 in December), I live in New Zealand and basically, I just want to know more people. I spend a lot of time online and one of the things I enjoy more than the computer is reading. I'm obsessed with True Blood and Skins (and the like) and thoroughly enjoy talking about them.

But apart from sounding really lame, one of my other biggest loves is Disney. Mostly older stuff like Alice in Wonderland but I do have a huge love for Demi Lovato, etc. I don't really have a sexuality (since people seem to be writing about that on here) but if I put a percent on it, I'd be 95% for girls.

I basically like a whole lot and heaps of it is in my interest section so make sure you check out my profile if you want to get to know me! I'm not that interesting but I am positive you won't regret talking to me.

I look like this, just in case anyone wants to see:


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