Sometimes she wishes she was never born... (rawrrrrz) wrote in add_me,
Sometimes she wishes she was never born...

Hullo. :3

Im Paige Nicole. Yes, I am young, 14 years old to be exact.
But I am mature for my age.
Ive had a few livejournal accounts, but this is my final one.
I have only but like 3 friends. ):
So I would like new friends.
Something about me? Of course.

Scrubs, True Blood, Family Guy, Ghost Hunters.
Owl City, Bullet For My Valentine, Shinedown, Lady Gaga.
Twilight Saga, Dean Knootz, James Paterson.
Step Up 1 & 2, Pay It Forward, Fluke, Twilight. [<--- Movies.]
Horses, Dogs, Cats, Reptiles, Small Rodents.
Horseback Riding, going to be getting into Barrel Racing.
Myspace, Facebook, Myyearbook.
Aim, MSN, and Yahoo messengers.
I like boys and girls, just to clear that aspect up.

So yeah, Im generally a pretty weird person.
But I can be worth getting to know..
If I don't like you, I will tell you so.
I do not lie to you, simple as that.
Im not going to call you my friend if I truely dislike you.
Add me.

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