doylescordy (doylescordy) wrote in add_me,

Hi! :)

Looking for some folks to add and chat with!

Things about me:
- I love the tv show Supernatural (I'd LOVE to friend and chat with more fans of this show! I also have AIM if you wanna chat on there. I'm a Dean girl, btw.)
- I'm 25 years old
- I live near Atlanta, GA
- movies: my favorite is Back to the Future, and I love scifi/apocalyptic movies
- favorite music: I like mostly anything other than rap/hiphop
- I love everything about Christmas
- More about me on my LJ profile

I'm also a Christian and might on a very rare occasion express my beliefs on my journal, but this doesn't happen too often. I respect others' beliefs.

As far as adding me, just comment either here or at my journal, and let me know if you do. Mostly all my journal entries are public anyway, so I'm not too picky about adding people, as long as you're not obnoxious, and comment at least once in a blue moon, lol.

Hope to talk to someone soon! :)

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