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Hello! I'm interested in reading other people's journals.
I comment very often though. So, prepare for that if you do add me!

Here's a list of things you may want to know..

I listen to: Jazz, Electronic and Pop music.
I love: walking, talking with people, dance aerobics and gaining knowledge.
I like: TED talks, xkcd.com, StumbleUpon, YouTube and Linux Ubuntu 8.10.
I studied: law, sociology, business, politics and philosophy.
I watch: panel shows, cartoons, foreign films and documentaries.
I want: to travel, do volunteer work, play the drums and become a translator.
I play: (on the DS) Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest: IV, WarioWare: Touched!, Mario Kart and Picross.
I consume: Strawberries, Milk, Jazz apples, Hot chocolate, Broccoli and Chinese food.

Also, my profile page goes into more detail (e.g., lists the music artists I like) - in case anyone's curious.

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