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Oh hai.

Hey, the name is Nicole.

Looking to add a few more people to my friends list who I can actually build some kind of friendship with.

I'm rather picky about who I'm friends with though so don't be offended we don't connect.

A few things...
  • I'm 19 years old and studying Public Relations at a college in the Toronto area.

  • In a few years, I'll probably wind up as an english teacher of some sort. Maybe. Maybe not. We'll see.

  • I'm childfree. Don't want kids, never, ever. That said, I don't like reading about kids so don't add me if you blog about kids. 

  • I'm adamantly pro-choice and suggest that anyone who is pro-life should not be adding my journal.

  • I'm engaged and live with an awesome guy named Ken in an apartment downtown. It's badass.

  • I have scoliosis, type 2 bipolar disorder and I suffer from very fucking severe migraine headaches.

  • I'm allergic to Coca Cola, alcohol, perfume, cats and the sun (wish I was kidding about that last one).

  • My family is one extremely wacked out mess at the moment that I'm pretty much steering clear of.

  • I work two part time jobs so I'm constantly busy. I don't even have the time to lurk 4chan anymore.

  • I should probably get around to losing weight but then again, so should just about everyone else.

  • Modest Mouse, The Dandy Warhols and Courtney Love are awesome.

Comment on this post and add me if I have passed your mental Live Journal friend adding check list.


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