liisupzz (liisupzz) wrote in add_me,

Heh, Add me?

Okay, so basic thing first.
I'm a girl, I'll turn 16 on the beginning of January so if you have some problems with me being young, don't add me. Or.. on a second thought. Add me so I could prove you wrong.
I judge people quite easily, but I'll change my views when proved wrong.
I'm quite nice, and I've been told I'm quite blunt. I'm honest both in comments and my posts. I rarely lie, so whatever I might say don't try to deny it, that's MY point of view.
I'm definitely NOT a rebel, more of a bookish, shy type.Tough quite temperamental unfortunately xD
I love:
<3 Harry Potter
<3 Lord of the Rings
<3 The Inheritance Cycle
<3 memes
<3 Christmas
<3 Roleplaying
<3 Fanfiction
<3 nice people.

I hate:
Twilight ( I've seen the movie, read the book. BLEGH. and don't try to convince me otherwise it wont go too well)
two-faced people
bees, wasps and such
needles ( the ones you have injections with, I'm perfectly fine with knitting needles and such)
people who just don't care
animal cruelty
mean people ( being mean is VERY different from critique, critique I like, meaniness sucks)

If You'd still like to add me, then please comment in any of my entries, the chances are I won't notice you otherwise, and my posts are mostly friends-only.
There is more to know about me. But like my good friend once said about me xD:
 I'm awsome! So what are you waiting for? Add me!

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