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Biracial - Native American and Caucasian; direct, not the 'one drop' rule
Soap opera fan
Activist (Far left)
Obsessive Compulsive & Epileptic
Vegetarian trying to go vegan
IMx/Immature/Marques Houston fan ♥
I like a variety of genres; industrial, EBM, goth rock, hip hop, r&b! Things like The Cure, Ayria, but like I said, I like the older R&B and hip hop!
Photographer (pictures yet to be posted, I feel like I don't have a big enough of an "audience" yet)

Looking for:
Vegetarians and vegans (who don't like PETA; no I do not think they are terrorists; they just don't represent me)
People who don't believe in animal testing: both medical and cosmetic
IMx/Immature/Marques Houston fans
People who do NOT do drugs or drink - looking for people with a sober lifestyle!
People who do NOT post graphic (disturbing) images
Obsessive compulsive people who are trying to cure it naturally
People who are far, far, far left - even further left than Obama; I did not vote on Nov 4th, 2008. I found no one I could believe in, but I do my fair share of writing my representatives so I am not politics-apathetic (but I am willing to appreciate Obama as a person and Nov 4, 2008 as a historical moment).

NOT looking for:
Drug addicts
Racists or homophobes (I go to protests for gay rights sometimes so you would NOT like me and some of my photography which is YET to be posted touches the topic of racism and stopping racism + a lot of my posts talk about race issues!)
People who are cruel to animals or even so much as joke about it
People who can't accept all genres of music (including country!) is art - You don't have to like it all, but I like people who can accept that people put their heart and souls into that stuff
Apathetic, brash, rude people; I DO complain, I DO suffer from a disorder, and I am NOT a typical happy-go-lucky person but I can be.
People who do not listen

-Comment on friends only entry to be added-

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