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I'm Karen, 21 years old and living in the midwest. I got laid off 3 months ago from my job, and just recently found a new job at a gamestore where I should be getting management at the start of next year. I also am finishing college. Criminal Justice area, forensics mostly interested in. Living at home still, hoping to change that once I get this job going. I post often and will visit. Just looking for a few more friends on here. I will post entries about my day, pictures, survey things, graphics I make... anything really. I always write long entries too haha so be ready for that.

I love camping, hiking, being outdoors in general, country music (kenny chesney, jake owen, brad paisley, ect..) flea markets, scary movies, holidays, cooking/baking, hells kitchen, judge shows. I'm really laid back and easy going. I'd love to meet some new people and get to know each other! Check my profile if you want, you can read a bit more about me :)

Picture of me:

Comment if you add!!


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