she smiled like a knife (conjugacy) wrote in add_me,
she smiled like a knife

I'm Leilah. Presently nineteen. Libra and an ISFP. I'm in the National Guard and work at Aeropostale. Thankfully neither of the two consume my life, for that I am grateful. I love photography, music, playing guitar, editing, reading, writing. I have an unhealthy obsession for five guys, you'd know them. They pretty much changed my whole outlook on music, and I couldn't love them any more for it. I'm passionate about music, I spend any free time I have plugged into my iPod or playing guitar, whom I have dubbed as George. Tea is my favourite beverage of them all. Love is the most important thing in the world to me. I ramble, leave long comments, ask questions of everything I come across, and overanalyze lyrics and books.

I love comic books. Books in general other than educational sort. Macabre art and films. I participate in RPG communities once a blue moon. I'll write fanfiction if the bug strikes. I have plenty of interests but none of which depict who I am as a person. Many claim it but I am so open-minded I wonder if I have any values or morals at all. I accept the most fucked up shit from people and find humour in websites like My favorite days are spent in bed, reading, writing, and cuddling with my cat, Jaynee.

This is my second online journal, and I hope to find new friends :)

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