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God doesn't think stuff's funny, but Maggie does!

"It’s been a long night in New York City ,It’s been a long time since 20 too, I don’t remember you looking any better, But then again I don’t remember you."

Hey Add_Me, I'm Maggie! Born and raised in NYC, now living in a little city called Carlisle in PA. I'm turning twenty seven in a couple months and I honestly don't know where all the time has gone.

I have a unique sense of humor that tends to get me into trouble at times. I am a loyal friend, and great listener. I have a big heart and am probably a little too forgiving.

I've played many rolls in my life. Child, sister, girl friend, wife, mother.......... It wasn't until recently that I started to understand these rolls, and how truly important I am to the people in my life.

I was raised by a single parent, not unlike a lot of people. The biggest difference is I am a product of a single Father. He's is my hero. Raised two two daughters on his own who turned into strong independent women. And if you're wondering, yes, she was a dead beat mom.

I am getting divorced, and am extremely happy.

I love to laugh and make those around me laugh. I can relate to almost anyone and I get along with most people. I am an idealist and tend to be emotional and slightly over dramatic... ooops.

"You’ll know her more by your questions than by her answers. Keep looking at her long enough. One day you might see someone you know."

Ok, now for the important part.... =]

My interests;
--Photography; I'm just getting into this, but I'm in love already! I love urban photography. I have gotten into taking pictures of abandon places, and random pictures of my daily life.
--Writing/Blogging; I love to get my thoughts out there. I don't care if only one person reads it, one person heard me!
--Animals; I've been going to school on and off for animal science for a couple years. Once I finish, I'd like to work in a large animal hospital. Right now I only have a cat. She thinks she's a dog, and for some reason loves to eat pasta and pizza. Italian dog maybe? I am going to be getting a Doberman puppy soon.
--Music; I like all kinds of music. I'm also a lyric fanatic.
--Twitter; I am obsessed with updating. You'll always know what I am doing.
--Amy Winehouse; I think she's beautiful, and an amazing talent. She drinks, does drugs, makes mistakes.. Ok, so do a lot of people.
--Japanese culture; pop culture , urban and Kawaii scene. I also watch Anime and will be doing a sort of cosplay in April
--Nike; pretty odd. I collect sneakers. Mostly dunks, and air force ones. I like REALLY bright and pretty colors. My sneakers tend to not match what I am wearing.. Lol
--LOST; Ok, really? Best show ever. I'm very sad to see it's in it's last year :(

Other interests;
believable fan fiction, concept art ,astrology, candles , jewelry making, vitamin water, gardens, kingdom hearts, reality tv, Britney Spears, video games, science , scrapbooking, long road trips, Glen Island, tropical fish, bamboo, sushi, baking, board games, coffee, etc. etc.

You can get a really good idea of my interests by looking at my icons. They can be found HERE!

THIS is what I look like.....

And.... if you would like to add me, comment HERE!

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