Aimee. (lludicrous) wrote in add_me,

My name is Aimee. I'm old enough to know from right and wrong. Addicted to music (as like everyone else) and really into photography. This is like my...1,000,000,000 journal. But I do plan on keeping this one. For sure. Hopefully. Maybe. My journals are usually short and to the point. Rarely I'll post long ass entries, only because I'm too lazy to write them. I'm a lazy person in general. I want to become a tattoo artist when I get older. I'm such a movie junkie. I love, love, love movies. Old horror movies like Psycho to the recent ones. My favorite movie so far has to be Dave. My movie collection fills three drawers in my room. That's how much I love movies.

There's nothing much about me. I like to think I'm nice, I'll comment on your entries, and I'm an icon/graphics whore. I'd love some friends for this new journal!

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