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Hi. The name is Noora. I live in Finland (no, we have no polar bears) and I turn 18 this Christmas.

I'm studying last year in high school and have my matriculation exams coming up. I'll write Finnish, English, French, Maths and Psychology. I already wrote Swedish. I dunno what I'm going to do with my life after graduating but I hope it is language or psychology related. French is my passion and psychology a huge interest.

I like all kind of music and to name a few I'd go for Regina Spektor, Bob Marley, Queen, Stam1na, Paramore, Lady Gaga and so on. I'm always open for new bands and artists as I'm a musicholic. I don't watch a lot of TV but I'm a big fan of Sex and the city, Grey's anatomy and Friends. And a finnish adults' cartoon, Pasila. It always cracks me up. Oh and I love movies. The more surypy the better. No, I'm kidding - any kind of movie expect sci-fi and action are good.

I don't know wherther I am extrovert or introvert. Both of them to a degree I guess. I love sarcasm and my friends tell me I have an unique laugh. I laugh to most stupid things and I have kinda bad sense of humour 'cos even the bad jokes crack me up. On the other hand I can get very mellow at times.

So don't be scared, I won't bite! (that's only for my bf LOL) Add and leave a note in my LJ =)

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