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I'm drinking chocolate soy and why protein right now. I spilled some on my pants and it looks.. odd

My name is Natalie and I have a hankering for some morning star veggie patties. Not because I'm a vegetarian, (by no means - I adore the smell and taste of cooking animal flesh. Baby ones in particular.) but because it's the only damn thing I have in my tiny apartment to eat right now. H'uh.

I just turned 22, and I can honestly say that I can feel senility already setting in. My fiancé teases me about my inability to walk straight, remember things, and tendency to walk through playgrounds in my skivvies while whittling random sticks and twigs into small headless animals.

I have a cat, a rat, and two ferrets. The mister and my rat are the only ones with testicles, so this home is overrun with estrogen. I am the only one still able to reproduce, however, but I aim to remedy this scariness soon as I can. Maybe I can trade in my womb for extra cupholders or a portable DVD player so I can stare at my crotch and enjoy Madagascar 2 while I pee. Hm. Note to self.

Well, here's the dillio. I'm devoutly anti-religion. I'm not really an atheist per se, as this would require a level of "give-a-shit" that I simply do not possess. I simply have a hard time getting into the whole "my god is better than your god and if you don't agree with me then you're a stinky weiner poo-poo head!" ordeal. I also hate politics, but I tolerate them more than I can tolerate Jehovah's Witnesses harassing me in laundromats ANY DAY.

I look to find people with which I can share my eccentricity. As you can see, I tend to go into spurts of "What the hell?" from time to time. My journal is friends only, so comment on my Friends Only page with a bit about yourself and I'll let you know what's goin' dizz-own.


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