the girl with the chemicals. (miasmablack) wrote in add_me,
the girl with the chemicals.

I think I'm fucking awesome, and my name is Lynn.
Obviously I'm a girl. A 17-year-old girl graduating with the class of 2010.
I love metal. I love weed. I love my friends. I'm an aspiring CEO/rockstar.
I play bass, alto-sax, viola, and piano. I actually started playing bass by mistake, I really wanted to be a guitarist.
I like makeup, fashion, hair, and all that other girly ish.
I have a kittie named Blinkie who I sorta named after Michael Jackson's son. I treat him like a little brother, and make him dance.
I'm from New York and act as such. Some of my blogs may seem illiterate or all over the place, but that's just my city slang coming out.
Basically I'm very eccentric, kinda weird, very silly. You might like me if you like that sorta thing.
Oh, and also I'm a writer :P

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