agroof (agroof) wrote in add_me,

Hi :3

My name is Lisa. I am a 19 years old. I'm 6 feet tall, and my mother tells me I have child-bearing hips. I hate when people say I should be a model.

I'm a freshman in college majoring in special education and hoping to figure out a minor soon. I'm already $19,000 dollars in debt, but I don't mind. Money is not important to me when it comes to important decisions. I've been told I follow my heart too much, but is that really such a bad thing?

I enjoy music a lot, although I'm not a snob about it like some people can be. I don't judge by music, but I like people who are into the same bands as me. I also like Studio Ghibli films, playing video games, being anti-social, taking naps, swooning over attractive people, laughing, giraffes, drinking, goldfishies, my family, and.. other stuff.

Oh, and here's a picture.

That is my Santa Claus giraffe.

I would like to make new friends. A lot of my current ones.. stopped posting. Since I have no life, I'm on here a lot.
I'd really appreciate trying to have new friendships. :D

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