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'Cause I love you no? Can't help but love, you know...

Hello, my name is Sawyer Morgan and I am on this site looking for some new friends. I live in northern South Carolina and I am very interesting person. Let's see, here's a few things about me:

I enjoy writing enormously. I write all sorts of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. I will take suggestions of pieces of work if you are willing to give them. I am currently working on a book.
I enjoy most things that can be done with a paint brush, I say I paint abstractly because I really have no concept of reality in my pictures and can draw some really cute comics.
I am spunky, sarcastic, and inquisitive with a very big procrastination problem. And I only have this problem when dealing with personal matter, if it's a deadline at work or a paper that's due, I can normally finish it the day its assigned. But a talk with a friend about emotional things, I normally am a week late and a dollar short.
In music I adore all sorts of things. Indie/alternative to rock to techno to classical. Almost all music is good to me. Almost. I can connect to the emotions in music and normally have some sort of music playing at any point in time.
I am a closet lesbian, and I am confident no one will recognize me on here. I'm a picky lesbian, too. Don't think that if you're a girl and add me I will instantly start hitting on you. I am rarely the one to make the first move. My orientation is a secret to the majority of my friends and family, with only a few knowing. None of my family knows.
I love to sing opera.
I may be quirky, but I mean the best. I am very honest, I normally offend people at one point in knowing me.
If you want to be friends, please add. I rarely add anyone firsthand.
Thank you and have a pleasant evening.

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