QuasiAngel (quasiangel) wrote in add_me,

I live every week like it's shark week!

Name: Angie, Angela, Angie
Age: 28 (DOB: July 3, Cancer)
Bloodtype: O
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Residing: Phoenixville, PA
Status: Engaged
Children: 2 cats (Kissy and Puma)
Occupation: Employment Recruiter

Likes: Puppies, kittens, long walks on the beach, J or K or T dramas, anime and manga, Glee, SB Pumpkin Spice lattes, Saab, 80s music, iPhone, books

Dislikes: Bad drivers, animal abuse, Miley Cyrus, H1N1, golf umbrellas

Greatest Fears: Roaches, bees, zombie apocalypse



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