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Need to meet new people...

Well...Where to start? I don't really have a lot on my plate so...bear with me please.

My name is Jaymes and I am a 27 year old single man nestled in the center of an unusual state known as Florida. Yes you heard right, I called Florida unusual.

I AM a devoted Born-Again Christian who Loves and Believes in the Lord Jesus, and honestly I would not think negative of anyone else who says otherwise (you're entitled to your opinions and I will respect that. I won't agree, but I respect it). I'm not on here to judge (Judge not lest you be judged, right?) because God is the only Judge. I do believe in God, but I don't believe in man-made religious walls and barriers we tend to put up for ourselves. I believe Jesus came to this earth not only to forgive us of our sins, but to tear down religious walls, barriers and oppression. I do like church, and I don't mind going to one, but I believe a stone and wood building is not a church, I believe we as people ARE the church.

I honestly believe and consider myself to be more spiritual, than religious...I may not be all the time, but you know...I AM HUMAN!

I do read the Bible and I know that is the only book for spiritual food. But I believe that KNOWLEDGE IS KEY! I don't limit myself on the educational opportunities that the Lord places in our lives. I have recently gotten into reading other forms of literature such as the Nag Hammadi (Gnostic Gospels and Texts), I am about to place an order for the Kebra Nagast (the Rastafarian Bible) and am looking to find other literary sources such as the Tanakh (or Torah seeing as I DO have actual Hebrew roots), The Book of Jasher and the Book of Enoch. I believe along with the gift of life, God has also given us a brain to use responsibly. And honestly, if I were ever to leave this world, I want to go knowing that I used more than at least 10% of my brain.

I know a lot of Christian Fundamentalists will not agree with what I am looking into, and quite honestly as I have said before, God is my judge, not man. And I am one to not look at people otherwise based on beliefs whether it'd be religion, sexuality, belief system or whatever. Didn't Jesus sit with even the lowliest of man and still show them love? Love is the greatest commandment of all and that is one thing I will never let go of or have anyone break off of me. And as I had said before, everyone is entitled to their opinions and I respect that. I believe God is Love, not hate...

I'm not perfect. I'm not Holier-Than-Thou. I'm not self-righteous. I'm definitely not a "Troll," if you want to see what I look like, wait until you're done reading this, I'm not a saint and yes I make mistakes. I am human and I will always have God by my side. I just want to do what is right in the eyes of the Almighty. Anyway...About me...LoL

I am almost done in school with a degree in Film and Television (it's actually video, but It's close to television in my eyes). I LOVE movies and music. I am very eclectic in my selection of music, but I listen to a lot of Reggae (Reggae honestly balances me out more than any other genre), Christian and Rock. I like working in the television industry...yet I hate TV, I watch more movies than TV anyways. I am single, not really looking, whatever happens happens. I am drug free, smoke free, booze free and sex free, have been for 2 years and I am keeping it that way. I LOVE Working out! I miss doing the 5-6 day routine I used to do, but I am slowly getting back into it. Yes I still have muscle. I love food. I own a ferret and...well...honestly that's all I can think of lol.

Oh and as promised. Here are a couple of pics of me...

I was pretty sunburnt in this

Eat me...I felt like posting the "gun shot" lol

Yes I am bald. And yes I have met The Miz!

Well...God Bless you all! :)

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