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OMG! it's Maggie!

So, I thought I'd throw some randoms at you for an "add me" today. 25 random things to show that I am more than a /// a crafty/bored/silly/sarcastic/witty/desperate housewife/mom/anime freak/nerd/ay!ay!ay!

1. I am addicted to diet coke. I drink no less than 44 ounces in a one day period, and should my body discover that there is less than that coursing through my veins, you will find me convulsing, shaking, and muttering something about needing keys to a car with a full tank that I can't even drive.... I tell you no lies.

2. There are 14 bottles of perfume on my dresser, and I make an attempt to spray at least 4 of them on me, 3 times a day. I feel it is only fair to the makers of such perfumes, that I equalize the scents. and not favor one. My current favorite combo is Juciy, true religion, with a spritz of Ed for that fruity flavor men can't stand, but I adore. Good thing I'm not currently in the market for one. ( a man that is).

3. I vacuum my carpet once a day whether it needs it or not. You cannot see my bed due to the current clothes mountain that dwells upon it, but my carpet would be approved by the surgeon general for sterile operations. I am that girl.

4. I can run 5 miles without thinking twice about it, if my ipod is in full effect. Take away my music, and I couldn't walk fast to a 50% off oldnavy sale. The music makes it possible people.

5. I am on an insane diet. My doctor told me the only reason I've stopped losing weight is because I only eat once a day. Somehow, I still don't find time to get more than two meals in. Hmm

6. I despise the heat. I feel it is a tool of the devil. I would much rather wear a coat, and furry boots to keep myself warm, than to try and thwart off the suns rays with nothing more than a fan and some tanning lotion. I am always hot. Not in the sense one of my age would like to be, but rest assured, heat is always radiating from my pores.

7. I have never TRIED to get pregnant. I am what the Mormon people call " A Fertile Myrtle". IF I were to have named my children after the form of birth control I was using when they were concieved, we'd have, Ortho, Depo, Nuva, and "The Patch".

8. I can READ Spanish and Japanese online. Pretty well actually. I can hold a conversation in both... however, spoken? I fail at life. I'd actually have to imagine what it looked like typed out.

9. I've lived in Carlisle, PA almost three years now and don't have any "friends" here. I don't find anyone I can really relate to. Most people I deal with don't have any children, so it's hard to understand me... so it seems. Then the ones that do want to party all the time. That's a huge WTF in my book. I think moms need to go out from time to time... but every weekend? That's not me. I know, I know "that's why you have no friends loser"... yeah, who you telling?

10. I am a natural at writing, but cannot complete a math problem to save my life. During my 2nd year in Algebra I, (no, I didn't come back as a teachers Aide, I failed). My teacher told me to disregard the large poster that said math is critical to your future, and to hope for the best. Actually what she said was, get a tutor, but I like to pretend it went differently.

11. My life was not fully complete until the introduction of the sidekick, into it. I cannot wear pants without pockets, because reaching into my purse would require more time away from it, than I am willing to give. I love it. It completes me. And with the addition of the fart for free application, I can now say it does IT ALL.

12. I am Britney Spears' biggest fan. When she shaved her head, I almost offered to send her my hair. I felt they may revoke my BS fan club privlilges if I got too weird, too fast, but I was at the ready if she needed me. I have loved her since the second I saw her on the stage at the mall in 9th grade. I knew then that she would be my girl crush, and that years later, I would be dancing to her music with my very own children. We shared a moment. Ok, so maybe it wasn't mutual, but I like to think sparks flew...

13. I have no natural talents, but I do this thing we've dubbed "expressive dancing". I can turn any food you enjoy into an art form, that rivals anything you'd see at the Met. If my singing fell through, I planned to fall back onto this to make a living. You'll notice I'm still in the poor house.

14. There are 2 movies in this world that I can quote WORD FOR WORD. Clueless, and The 40 yearold virgin. Both rate a 5 on the intelligence scale, and win me no points with anything that matters, but it's a good day when I find myself being able to answer a question with a line from either of these. " An my buns, they don't feel nuttin' like steel".

15. My first job was at a Burger King. They nominated me for Burger King, Burger Queen at the tender age of 16. I could take money and hand out food faster than Paris can spend a Benji, I would have been manager Fer SURE had I not had that nervous breakdown under the table after being accused of scratching my butt and not washing my hands. Um hello. Had I needed to scratch, I would have at least had the decency to do it under the cloak of the large freezer in back!

16. I think Amy Winehouse is amazing and I can somehow relate to EVERY song she's ever sang. I love that my job plays her music at least twice a day.

17. I am a speed reader. I inherited this from my dad, and to this day, I can read most books in 4 hours or less. This bodes well for me now more than ever since my days are filled with important things like twitter, and facebok. Who has time to spend 3 days reading a book? Not me.

18. I was voted most likely to have 10 kids in 8th grade. Little did I know, I would be halfway there before I could legally rent a car with decent rates.

19. Pocky is probably the best invention EVER, other than that things that scrapes dead skin off your feet.

20. I make up nicknames for people, mostly my children, and find myself using them more than their actual names.

21. My body will not allow me to sleep before midnight. It is physically IMPOSSIBLE. It matters not what time I awake. If I'm out before 2, it's been a long day. You'd think having kids would rid me of this?

22. I have a crush on Naveen Andrews that runs deeper than any Japanese blood my mother swears is hidden inside. I realize this makes me juvenile, but oh well.

23. I love taking random pictures. I take at least 20 pictures a day. Silly things like a tree that had a funny colored leaf that I saw on the way to work.

24. I love Japanese music... well, mostly top pop charts and things you would hear on a DDR game. Oh my Koda Kumi and Be4U.

25. My bigget weakness is children selling things outside of stores. I find my ability to deny them unavailable, and have the popcorn tins, Girl scout cookie fatrolls, and metal badges to prove it. Sucker. That's me.

well, if you don't totally hate me, check out my icons. It's a good way to see my "interests" and if you add me, comment my friends only post so I can add you back

Thanks for reading!

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