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So, I kind of abandoned my journal for a while and lost a few lj friends. I have a couple still, but I'd love to have more!

My journal used to be kind of anonymous and it still is a little bit.

What I will tell you is that I'm Stephanie, 21, a senior English major and from Michigan.

I talk a lot about literature, my writing, music, movies, tv and my life.

specifically: Palahniuk, True Blood, Twilight, Jack's Mannequin, Glee, House, Mad Men, classic literature like Wharton, Keats, Tennyson, Joyce, Braddon, depends on the classes that I'm taken.

That's the basics! I'm a pretty avid commenter and would love your input on the things I talk about!

Oh, and 17+ please. I find it's hard for me to relate to anyone younger than that.

Comment here or on my friends page if you want to add me!


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