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My name's Taylor, but call me what you want. I've had livejournals before, but this one's new, and I don't have any friends yet. I'm 19, originally from beautiful Massachusetts (Waltham, North Attleboro, and Canton, if you're familiar), but currently living in Phoenix. I share a house with my older sister and my niece and nephew, and my dad and stepmom live down the street, but my mom lives back home in Mass and I miss her TREMENDOUSLY. I'll talk about it often. I have an amazing boyfriend, and thankfully our relationship is remarkably drama-free. I can't remember the last time we fought. I don't have a job at the moment (thank you, economy), but hopefully it'll look up. I'm also not in school at the moment, thanks to financial aid issues, but hopefully I'll get back in January. English Lit. I also happen to smoke pot regularly, so if you have an issue with that I'm not the friend for you.
I love reading (I'm a bookworm at heart), writing (hoping to be a writer one day), and music. I'm mostly into metal and a lot of 90's alt rock. I love my nieces and nephew, my dog, art, excessive swearing, photography, playing pool, politics, the Red Sox, inappropriate humor, chewing on pen caps, crazy people, banana bread, Eeyore, oatmeal body wash, taking the bus in circles, and my bedroom.
I don't like driving, people who use E-speak, talking on the phone, my sister's chihuahuas, coffee, and that damned Twilight bullshit. Seriously, I have a thing about it, I think it's the unwanted bastard child of a drunken one night stand between decent vampire novels and a mentally challenged unicorn.
Well, that's me in a nutshell. I really am nice, I swear. Let's be friends.

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