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Add me and step into my world

I am 21, female, go to uni and just recently go dumped by my boyfriend. My journal is about putting whatever I am feeling down onto paper. Here is my latest entry...

The rebound guy

For a few hours she felt alive again. Like she was another person.
When she went over there she didn't know what she was doing. She let herself get lost in his smile and before she knew it making out turned into her sexual drive taking over.
She didn't mean to have sex with him...but somehow she did not have the strength to say no.
It was over as quickly as it begun and to her surprise she felt nothing. She felt that she had done nothing more than mere kiss him.
Cuddling afterwoods she gave herself into the affection as if she were putting a thousand bandaids over her wounds.
Then the moment came as they always do. Reality hit and it hit hard. He made up an excuse for her to have to leave and just like that the bandaids ripped off and the pain came back.
During the drive home she felt numb.
Finally when she got home she jumped into the shower. She lathered her body with the soap and began to try and scrub everything away...what she had allowed herself to become.
Now it is dark outside and she sits bitterly alone. The high of meeting someone new has passed.
The only thing left is that darkenss in which his face swims haunting her to the brink of no return.

If you like what you see and want to more then add me or not it's entirely up to you.

P.s If how explicit I am here offends anyone I aplogise, I just couldn't be bothered figuring out how to do an lj cut.

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