specificphobia (specificphobia) wrote in add_me,

This is my life. xposted.

I make my life more complicated than it has to be. I'm 21 year old female, currently in my 3rd year of college, still doing 2nd year credits. I'm working on my major in Elementary Education. I'm in love with a 33 year old man, and dating a 21 year old boy. If my life continues as it is, I'm going to lose both my man, my boy and my sanity. I have no job, and am slowly gaining the weight I've lost over the years back. On a positive note, my room is very clean and my fashion sense is very straight forward.

Shouldn't have wasted my damn high school years. I'm witty and sarcastic and hide my true emotions behind that. I'm really not as moany and groany as this makes me sound, but hey that's life. I'm very blunt and open, especially when I know nobody I know is reading.

So if you want to read my witticisms, add me :P

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