Amy (alectrik) wrote in add_me,

Bi(sexual that is to say [I like boy watching but mostly seek relationships with girls])
Mostly Literate (I type pretty fast so typos may ensue)
I don't really care what people have to say about me on the internet but I'm mostly confident and love talking (all the time)
My favorite color is green because it is bad ass like pine trees and stuff.
I plan to take a creative writing class to further my knowledge and skills as well as a Life drawing class.
Ultimately I would like to get my degree in cosmetology and work my way across the USA then eventually move to australia or somewhere hot/Rainy.

I'm pretty retarded so if you can handle me, more power to you.


MGMT, Rain, Classical music, Staying up all night, Glee, Fashion, Art (I love to draw), Australia, Traveling, Books, Reading, Wriring, Cosmetology, Becoming an author, Day dreaming, Germany, Pacific north west, Arizona, Hot weather, Freedom, Sweet Pickles, Cool Whip, Coke Zero, Jalapenos, Skateboarding, My Macbook, Coconut Gum, Makeup, Harvest moon, Video Games, Hair Styling/Cutting, Fashion, Indie/rock/alt Music, Carb Free Rockstar, Matte Nailpolish, Kissing girls, KStew, Mean girls, Cute things, Riding the bus, Sleeping, Doing math homework


Add me & I will add you back :).

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