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Hello, I'm looking for some friends at LJ. I'm in my early twenties, and I currently work in the computer/teaching field.

Music is my vice. I enjoy most genres in music, and I have immense respect for electronic and ambient music. I also love listening to female vocalists, such as Tori Amos (there are many more than those two, I assure you). I'm open to all music, and I post about it often.
I like all types of film, but recently, I've been watching Mickey Rourke movies because he is awesome. I usually favor the obscure over the mainstream blockbusters. As far as TV is concerned, I enjoy comedies like Mystery Science Theater 3000.

If you friend me, expect a lot of enetertainment-related banter, random music recommendations, my so-called "deep thoughts", stuff I think is funny, photos, local news, pop culture nostalgia, my spirituality, and my personal struggles with depression and social anxiety. I will try not to bring you all down with the latter, so I will make the effort to coat my world with rainbows, fluffy bunnies, kitties, and puppies.

At first, I had specific preferences for who I wanted as a friend at LJ. I would like friends with similar interests, but if you're into Twilight and Japanimation, I can't stop you. If I don't like your fandoms, chances are you probably won't like mine. So I guess it all works out, right?

If possible, please send me a private message or leave a note on my "Friends Only" entry, and tell me a little about yourself before adding me. Thanks!

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