The Dank Bud (thedankbud) wrote in add_me,
The Dank Bud


Hello everyone , Im new to live journal! And im keeping it so i can finnaly have some nature of record of my life... If something happens to me ill be able to see what day and things like that! And Having no friends to check on/comment me is not helping me keep up on the whole thing lol.

A little about myself. Im 21 Im a dude!
I give no fucks 80% of the time
I like weed... big part of my life.
I listen to a HUGE list of music... Like today.. driving down the highway with classical BLASTING and having everyone look @ the 21 year old listening to Symphony No. 94 (Haydn). Yeah i did just google'd that... so don't think I'm THAT smart :P. Jazz/country are the only 2 things i dont listen to.
Oh and i do the whole WoW/Xbox360 thing. But who isn't now a days?

So yeah if anyone wants to! Tell me you added me cauz as i said im new... but yeah lol!

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