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Hi everybody!

This is actually my second LJ account now. A few of you may of known me as OmgSmoothie before I made this new one. But that was a while ago now so I wouldn't be at all surprised if none of you know who the hell I am.

I just thought I'd pop on here and introduce myself in the hopes of meeting a few new friendy-types. So, here's a brief intro.

My name's Kimberley, I'm 18 atm but 19 on the 13th. Totally not looking forward to it. Well... I'm getting a new toothbrush, I'm looking forward to that, the one I have now is crap. Hah, looking forward to a new toothbrush on my birthday... It is a really good toothbrush though.

Don't know what else to say now. I've never been any good at making myself sound interesting. If you want to learn a little more about me the best way would be to read my journal!

Like my old LJ, this one is pretty much my public diary. I rant in there and I talk random crap about random things like pies. If you think you would enjoy reading little extracts from my crazy life then feel free to add me. Only thing I ask is that you refrain from any urges you may get to flame my posts or insult me randomly for no reason.

Oh. And I also have cookies. Nomnomnom.

Anyway, that's enough ranting now. *waves*

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