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the name's Robyn. i'm 21. on my sophomore year at a Christian university. i hardly capitilize words. i listen to just about any type of music you can imagine. i'm majoring in Accounting & minoring in Political Science. i am way too passionate about things that take my interest. i love hiking, taking photos, animals, reading, laughing, and you. i can be a total geek. and completely random. i misplace things a lot.

God has changed my entire life in the matter of 4 months. i started this new journal because i really feel as if i've started a new life. i would LOVE some Christian friends on here that i can just share my heart with, and learn your stories as well. i want real friends. friends that will help me grown in my walk. even if we're worlds apart. i want to share a part of my life with you & participate in your story as well. i want to teach you. & i want to learn from you. i want to know YOU. :]

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