e. (rotating) wrote in add_me,

hi, I'm elena. currently a chicago resident, originally from northern virginia (with a brief, 3-year stint in paris), but I say I'm from dc from convenience's sake. my parents are from cyprus and iran. I don't really know where home is. I used to speak french more or less fluently, but my vocab is dwindling from years of disuse. I've started to learn farsi this year. I'm majoring in biology. I like learning how things work. I like beautiful and heartbreaking things. things I find pretty are fog, feathers, and galaxies. I listen to andrew bird and use last.fm. my favorite books are by haruki murakami and georges perec.

basically, I want more journals to look at. I read all the entries on my friends list and I comment whenever I have something to say. I'm in the midst of a break-up so my own entries are a little sad right now, but they're not entirely representative. I post a smattering of pictures from time to time, if you're interested in that sort of thing.

if you'd like to be friends, comment here or here.

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