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Hi everyone! I'm Becca, 19 year old, fashion design student from Michigan. I have various hobbies, though my favorites are mostly artistic. I've always been dedicated to art, and right now my main focus is fashion design. I volunteer at a local animal shelter, mostly because I love animals. I have 2 dogs and if I had it my way i'd have so many more! I'm a very open-minded, generally friendly person. I could rant on and on but I'll spare you and just list some of my other interests!

HOBBIES: Shopping, reading, makeup, music, Photography, sewing, needle felting, painting, drawing, screen printing interior decorating, cake decorating, baking, yoga, singing, etc.

TV: Glee, house, top chef, the office, project runway, intervention, hoarders, basically anything on Food Network

MOVIES: Running with scissors, the virgin suicides, atonement, Up, V For Vendetta...

feel free to add me!

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