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Kristy, 16, 5'8", Australia, bisexual.

I'm a fairly honest person. If that's even possible to be in today's society.

I like intelligent conversation, facebook, comedy, checkers, quotes, tuna, natural fingernails, aeroplanes, winter, music, psychology, smiles, singing, laughter, colour, hospitals, Stand-up Comedy, sunsets, lamb chops, rain, clothes, girls, hands, piercings, tattoos, hips, veins, tall buildings, bright lights, smooth skin, boobs :)

I loathe animal cruelty, creeps, girls who play games, farts, homophobia, thirteen-year-olds who are proud of not being a virgin, slow computers, forgetting something I really wanted to say, getting txts that only say 'k', private numbers, hypocrites, when people read my txts, rejected high fives, waking up when the best part of a dream is about to happen.

I'm applying for the Air Force in January.

:) add meh.

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