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Info behind the cut!

My name is Kelly- I am 21 and a nursing student in a severy complicated stage of life. My dad was recently diagnosed with cancer in May. His disease has left us in a complicated situation: he has stopped working and we had put our home up for sale. I am moving into my boyfriend's (the love of my life) house in January. He is a nursing student, too. My parents will be going elsewhere. I am currently and anxiously finishing some online classes while trying to pack and take care of my dad while he goes through chemotherapy.

Besides that, I still live regularly at night. I see friends at night and usually don't go to bed till 4 am- just because I'm such a night owl. I love rock music, System of a Down being my absolute favorite with Evanscence , Korn, and Within Temptation following closely.

I am an art lover- l draw. I love Gothic architecture and scenery. I love creepy things. But on the absolute opposite side of the spectrum I love high fashion. I have dabbled in fashion design just for my own leisure.

I am looking to add anyone who likes to actually read their friends page. I like commenting. I love insightful entries- I write them a lot. I like to read them too. I post a lot of pictures. I post normal entries too.

I am writing a novel BUT I will never discuss my plot in my journal. It's bad luck :-P

So reply to this entry if you think we'd get along! Let me know why.

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