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hurricanes & heartaches

Hi! My name is Jen, though I'll respond to pretty much anything besides Jenny. Call me Jenny and it's on! -grin-

Hmm, what to say here? By day I work in admissions at a Big 10 university, while at night I am a mild mannered report-- er, no, that's not right. By night I write stories about life and living it and sometimes I even get paid to slap a few words on the page. How about that?

This year I am participating in therealljidol. If you're interested, these are a few of my favorite entries:
sunday in coopersmith
Cracked Up [May be triggering to past cutters]
A Practical Guide to Impractical Love

Other than scribbling things into the margin of textbooks, I tend to live like I'm thirty five going on seventeen. I have an incredible husband, an incredible girlfriend, I have a really fantastic group of friends I hang out with, and I tend to go about 27 hours a day. I'm always interested in meeting new people though, especially on LJ, so let's give it a try?

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