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Introductions And Such...

I'm no stranger to LJ, but I've recently resumed being actively involved here after quite some time away. Many of my old LJ friends have moved on to bigger and more mediocre arenas (namely Facebook), so I'm currently open to finding new blogs to read and comment upon. For the most part, I am always interested and willing to converse (and become friends) with individuals from a variety of locations and backgrounds, and I'm not the type of person who acts like they're doing someone a huge favour by adding them as a friend (it's a damn website, for crying out loud!).

Anyway, this is me (condensed into a reasonably-sized blog entry)...

1. I currently live in Little Rock, Arkansas, but I was born and raised in Las Vegas (Nevada, not New Mexico). I've also lived in Denver, and have spent multiple periods of time in Los Angeles and New York City. I have no intention of staying in Arkansas forever...

2. I am a stripper (I avoid the term exotic dancer, as it implies that my performances essentially consist of me dancing, which they don't), and I've owned and operated my own agency of male and female adult entertainers for over 5 years now. I thoroughly enjoy being in this industry as both a performer and an entrepreneur, as the unregulated and off-the-grid nature (as long as we're not dealing in illicit drug trade, and paying our taxes, we're pretty much left alone by the powers that be) of the business affords me the luxury of being exceptionally creative and original in my business strategies. Although I have more conventional workplace experience (particularly as a high-end retail sales manager), I find working within the confines of such rigid protocols to be incredibly stifling and boring; and I have zero tolerance for workplace drama and politics. It's also my prerogative to never again wear a polo shirt, or a pair of khaki slacks.

3. Speaking of politics: I don't spend much time discussing them, and the same goes for religion. My opinions on both subjects are strongly along the lines of those once championed by the late Ayn Rand. I honestly don't care what anyone else does or believes, as long those beliefs don't a) cramp my personal style, or b) impede upon my ability to earn as much money as I so desire.

4. I blog often about my professional exploits, but not necessarily for the sake of promoting my business (I have other blogs and social networking profiles specifically for that purpose); rather, the business related entries in my personal blog are from a "behind the scenes" point of view, and are intended for amusement and entertainment in their own right. Yes, I indeed have (often humourous) stories and anecdotes to share from my years of experience in this industry.

5. I have artistic pursuits, including music, filmmaking, and photography. Although I have a wide-range of musical tastes, I largely gravitate towards artist who are mostly older, and mostly British (Roxy Music, David Bowie, Duran Duran, Billy Idol, Japan, Gary Numan, Depeche Mode, etc...). As for cinema, I watch a lot of art-house and foreign language fare; and I've never seen Titanic.

6. For the record, I am 100% heterosexual, and I tend to get along better with women than men in platonic scenarios; although there are occasional exceptions to that rule. I have absolutely zero interest in ever getting married, or being anyone's father.

7. I am not interested in meeting anyone under 18 years of age.

8. For all you fellow MBTI-philes out there, I am an ENTJ.

9. Despite the fact that I tend to come off as a total hard-ass (mainly because I am a total hard-ass), I have a prominent sense of humour based largely upon sarcasm, puns, and non-sequiturs ("can you break a twenty?"); and I am definitely interested in conversing with individuals who possess these qualities. Scatological humour, however, is a comedic genre to which I never subscribe.

10. If you haven't noticed by now, I tend to use the British spellings for various words in the English language. I think that, subconsciously, I may get a kick out of leading people to believe I'm European.

11. I have a Facebook profile, but I hate the website, and I'd rather post a detailed blog regarding a fully developed idea as opposed to an endless barrage of painfully mundane status update (e.g. "Stefan is going to Auto Zone to buy an air filter."). Typically, the only status updates I post there (and on MySpace and Twitter, for that matter) are automated updates for new blog entries.

12. Although I managed to tone it down fairly well in this blog entry, I am prone to regular and consistent use of the word "fuck", its multiple variations, and other prime examples of blue language. I am by no means the definition of the term "politically correct".

13. I apologize for nothing, and neither should you.

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