Nika is reasonably happy (krazy_grrl) wrote in add_me,
Nika is reasonably happy

My name is Tennika; I generally go by Nika.
I'm 22 years old.
Most of my entries are highly sexually oriented.
I travel to small places, and occasionally I'm lucky enough to hit a big one.
I've used the very same LJ account for seven years; none of that got five journals and I retired two and didn't like the name of the fourth so I started a new one bullshit.

I have guy ADD, though lately I've been hoping I'd be finished with that, and can be ready to settle. I have an extremely apparent fetish for certain features. You'll find evidence of that in even my most recent entries.

I update on a semi-regular basis, therefore I cannot expect you to update or comment every day. Just know that I'm not very reliable.

I am in month 4 of Mission 101.

Comment anywhere you like. ^_^

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