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maybes and other types of mayhem

'Sup, homeskillet. I'm Micah, the whitest white girl you'll ever meet. Since my personality is odd and multi-faced it appears (and I doubt that makes sense, but frankly my dear I don't give a damn), heres fifteen facts about me.

1. I am old enough to know better, but young enough to not know.
2. I was born in Latvia- a small country near Russia.
3. I currently live in the Las Vegas valley in Nevada.
4. I love slash- from real people to fictional characters. I'm weird like that.
5. Vermont is the only state with a state capital without a McDonalds, last time I checked.
6. I hate unnecessary chatspeak. 'Teh' is the exact same number of letters as 'the', thank you very much.
7. I love Transformers. I can name roughly about 50 off the top of my mind.
8. I speak poor Latvian- I know some words, give or take. Enough to visit.
9. I watch dirty TV shows. South Park is my inappropriate fantasy.
10. I curse like a sailor, and I will work around the filters.
11. I'm editor of my school newspaper. I disapprove slaughtering of the English language. It's a rather nice language.
13. I have brown hair.
14. I will belittle others for my enjoyment. Sorry.
15. I cheat. Refer to fact 12.

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