monokuroboo45 (monokuroboo45) wrote in add_me,

Hey!! My name is Jerry and I'm a Psych grad school student in Idaho.. I used to just post some dumb stuff in my LJ, but I'm trying to be more insightful with my posts. I'm just your average dude. Some basic stuff about me is that I'm a guy, I work at Pizza Hut as well as being a student, and I live with two guys both named Josh.

Please don't be put back by my lack of entries or comments... I've been around a while on LJ, I just lurk lots of communities. I'm trying to make a habit of making more entries just so I have a journal to look back on. :] I promise to comment on your entries every once in a while!!

I don't like sharing pictures of me (my ex stalks me online sometimes and I don't want her finding this username) but my friends joke I look like Mr. Tumnas from Narnia! Hence the icon. :]

So yeah... please add me, I'd love to have more friends!!

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