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You cut in lines and I wait my turn

My name's Lola and I'm currently in my first year of university doing a double major in Polisci and Modern Language.
My main hobbies include scaring men off either by ranting about Marxism, or by drunkenly yelling: "Fuck the patriarchy!". I enjoy cheap bottles of vodka a little too much maybe.
I spend a lot of my spare time either on the internet, at the gym, harassing my unwilling friends or sleeping.
I'm usually game for all sorts of nonsense.
I'm a bit of a language nut. I've been obsessed with studying foreign languages since I was four and got the wacky idea in my head that I may, someday, meet my soulmate but we won't be able to communicated because of the language barrier. So far the list includes German, French, Japanese, Russian and Spanish (all of varying degrees of fluency, but all have been studied formally in a school).
I can be a little boy crazy at times. I prefer the term boylimic. My inner patriarchy-hating feminist despises that side of me.

All I really want to do in life is live (with a reasonably steady income from a reasonably prestigious job).  

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