Brittney C. (lvnsdfkngv) wrote in add_me,
Brittney C.

Name: Brittney
Gender: Guess!
Likes: Music, dancing to no music in the middle of the road, random stuff, cussing, sex, blogging, poetry, writing, shiny things, cats, FOOD, dressing up like a moron, talking in the third person, calling myself "we", putting random things into peoples carts, singing in a public bathroom, santa, cute pets, making people uncomfertable, making up fake words, acting like a cat, calling myself "one", watching people fall while dancing, and spiting off of bridges.
Being spat upon, bad singing, annoying people, stupid people, bad music, burnt food, people who are always happy, being touched, and being ignored.
Why should you add me?:
We have cookies.

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