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25 years young woman. californian in colorado. vagabond & general misfit world-traveler. sometimes thinks a little too euro for a yank. does not always type in lower-case. eclectic audiophile. jetsetter w/ often-interfering obligations. travels to ireland 4-5 times a year when permitting. college student. has a variety of hobbies, some of which can be found in her interests list. I used to be great at writing intros but then learned that if people want to friend her or unfriend her they'll do it regardless of what an intro says. Add me, and if you like me: keep me. If you don't: unfriend me. No hard feelings, it's really that simple. Life is too short to surround ourselves with people we don't wish to be bothered with & I'd rather you put that energy into people you like. I like comments but I don't hang on every LJer's word. I expect other people have lives like I do. This is my journal, with an intention of writing in it - and if I make friends along the way then, awesome. <3

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