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Good eveing! Or is it good day? Well, that depends on your location, I guess xD I am a very random girl, 20 years old (although, I certainly don't act like it :s) and I'm also swedish. I'm not new to LJ, but this account is :3 I started it yesterday, because I want a new and fresh start. I take it you want to know about me? Well, I can fix that for you :3 * I'm a fangirl. I fangirl anime, manga, YAOI, Harry Potter and Buffy the vampireslayer. * I tend to fall in love with fictional characters. Such as Ron Weasley from Harry Potter, Spike from Buffy, and various anime/manga characters! * My fandoms are: Harry Potter, Kyou Kara Maou, Kuroshitsuji, Fullmetal Alchemist, Junjou Romantica, and Buffy the Vampireslayer, of course ^^ * I will post about various things. Photos, fandoms, fanfics, icons, and also about my not-so-dramatic-life. * I am unemployed, so I have LOTS of freetime. During that freetime, I spend my time looking for jobs, roleplay, write fanfics, read fanfics, read yaoi, read manga and such. If not, I am probably out with my friends ^^ I also like modeling. * That's all I can think of at the moment. If you're interested in being my friend, leave a comment on my Friends Only post :3

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