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hi. i'm allison and i'll be 19 in a month although i'm not excited because it just means i'm getting older yet i still can't (legally) drink. what's the fun in that? i'm a college student majoring in journalism and although it is my dream i am currently playing with the idea of becoming an english major, going to grad school for library science, and becoming a librarian. i'm currently at a point in my life where i'm trying to figure out who it is i want to be, and how exactly to go about doing that. i've spent most of my life living my my own fantasy world, and now that i'm starting to live in the real world i'm not sure it's something i like.

my interests include reading, writing, my dog, and musical theatre. i've had someone describe me as a "homebody" and i guess that's true even if i don't want it to be. i'm a huge harry potter fan (it's been 10 years now, oh wow) and am completely unapologetic about it--it's a pretty sane fandom compared to some others. i'm into a lot of different music although my faves are coldplay, corinne bailey rae, sade, sondre lerche, kanye west, drake, M.I.A., john mayer, kid cudi, jason mraz, and arctic monkeys older stuff (basically, anything before the new album because i hate it.) the only things i watch on tv are the soup, csi, svu, criminal minds, and wendy williams. i tend to be a bit of a cynic about things and sarcasm is a way of life for me.

if you want to add me, do it! i'm not at all picky about who i'll add as long as you think we have some stuff in common :). howevr, my journal is very personal and honest and something i hate is feeling like i have to censor myself. so if you're judgmental or don't want to read my opinions on things like sex, masturbation, or when i just make an entry about how woe is me, don't add me. thanks, hope to make some new friends! comment at my journal or just add me, doesn't matter to me :)


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