Say it wasnt U. [all RIGHT! ] (gone89) wrote in add_me,
Say it wasnt U. [all RIGHT! ]


im not weird.
im not interesting.
im not original.
im not perfect.
im not all that nice if you really want to know the truth.
but i do not lie. so hence i will always tell you my real opinion if you ask for it.

i like reading journals about mainly everything....i dont really get bored that easily. i dont think anyone is boring....i think its the people who get bored - they should maybe try to be a little more amused. life should be amusing. but its a piece of shit if you ask me. (but you love it nonetheless....sometimes..... I dont think i make sense today.... )

my journal is friends only- ive kept all the posts friends only. ..... i talk about things that some might find will see..... but not always the way i feel. im not that great at expressing my feelings, i dont ever know how i feel. its either good ... or bad- but nothing in words yet. i just have one entry there about my feelings....kind of sucks....

im 20 years old. im .... finished i guess with my intro coz i dunno what else to add. peace! ps:

im looking for friends who can keep in touch with me, not just fill up space on my screen. so if you liked my profile and want to be friends then add me first, and i will add you back. be sure to include where you found me. thanks. im not always this grumpy i know how i sound.

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