adventious_love (adventious_love) wrote in add_me,

So... I'm going to do this again =).

I'm Hannah. I'm 20. I like to type and spell words correctly, but I don't really care whether or not you do. It's just my own, personal pet peeve. I'm hard on myself. I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to me. Not necessarily my life... but of my and the things I can control about myself. So when I break down, I generally do it on here. Because I know I can't be perfect. But I'm sure as hell going to try to be as often as I can... or as close to perfect as often as I can.

My top 5 tags are Mike (the boy I'm falling in love with despite certain... obstacles), love, Rob (my ex-boyfriend with friend status still in check), school, sing (because... I'm in choir. And I sing a lot. Hahaha), and work (which is hell. I am telling the truth, I think Walmart may very well be hell on Earth... but I love it as well.). So those are some things I post about.

I will comment you if I can find something to say. A lot of times people will post something like "So-an-so came over today. I love him so much he makes me so happy. *Squee*" and that's it. End of entry. Yeah... not much to say. Shall I comment with "Oh my goodness I'm so glad he came over yet again and that you love him and he makes you so happy that you make pig sounds!"... no. I won't. I don't care if you post that kind of thing... but don't expect a comment from me. I generally comment when you seem to need input. Or just when you do something that is more... out of the ordinary. I understand if you don't comment on all of my entries... but I generally do like some input. That's the reason I write in livejournal. Because I want some input from real people and not some unseen sign from the gods. Or I just need to vent.

More basic stuff about me can all be found under my user info =). Comment on my Friends Only Entry to be added =). And please include something about you? Thanks =).

Oh. P.S. I like smilies. I don't know why. I just do. And saying Haha or Ahahaha or some variation. I don't really do chat speak. Except for the occasional... hmm... no. Can't think of anything. I might say LOL if something is really, really, really funny. Because typing out a million hahaha's sucks. =).

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