Mateo Malo (laviemoderne) wrote in add_me,
Mateo Malo

My name is Charlie Brown.
I'll be 32 the end of next month.
I've been married for almost 3 years.
I was born in New England.
I moved to Italy from Hawaii and I'll be moving back to Hawaii from Italy in a few months.
I like music, literature, the arts, travel, hiking, biking, skiing and scuba diving.
I HATE sports.
I am an antitheist, agnostic, left wing, socialist.

I'd like to add people who write a lot, preferably those who have over 500 LJ entires. I'm not interested in adding new journals or people who frequently delete their LJs. I'd also prefer to add people who are with in my age range, but that is not really important. I have no preference to gender, though it would be nice to add some more dudes. I may impulsively feel inclined to ask you when the last time was that you measured your cock so if that sort of thing offends you then carry on elsewhere.

I like cyborgs and zombies and girls in masks and will often make posts devoted to said topics.
I hate my job.
I favor strong coffee such as drank by the Turks and Greeks.
I poop a lot.

Thank you, that is all.

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