aday_intime (aday_intime) wrote in add_me,

I'm Chrissy,  lets make this simple. 
I'm 24 I'm married (kinda)  I have 3 kids,  and you can ask about the kinda if you wish I don't mind.  
I have a most which is like a intro to my journal which explains who what and all that. 
I'm posting for friends and if you're reading this you probably want friends. 
So you should add me because I"m me you're you and that could potentially be a good lj-ship! 


-You're a pervering creepy guy because as I said... I'm Married (kinda) 
-If you add people never comment or post any entries.  drives me nuts,
-Or if you hate people with bad spelling. 
Because honestly I can't spell for a lick,  I try to  spell check before I  post, but I type so fast, sometimes I mess up an I look like a twelve year old! 
oh and drama i rant about drama so if you don't like it don't add it! 


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