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Hullo. Good-bye~


After discovering tons of new interests, I thought it was time to find new friends with similar interests--and friends who can teach me new things! I'm 21 and trying to figure out what I want to do with my life before I go back and finish my last two years of college. I speak Spanish, English and Japanese (Studying it since my boyfriend doesn't speak a lick of English or Spanish). I'm originally from Puerto Rico but these days, my life consists of traveling back and forward between Sitka, Alaska and Osaka, Japan.

When I'm with my family in Alaska, I work at a Super market and when I'm in Japan with my boyfriend, I kinda mooch off of him still looking for work and hang out.

I blog about my every day life, since there's always something new-- one of the perks of constantly moving around! And my blog can be kind of picture heavy. It's also written in English and Japanese with the occasional Spanish.

I've been getting really in to fashion so I spend a lot of time reading on that! I also love clubbing and drinking--that could be the latina blood in me lol. I also really like photography and travel. When I'm in the US, I love love love watching movies and netflix has become my best friend. I listen to a lot of Asian music, trance, techno...hip hop.... goodness, if I can dance to it, I'll listen to it.

I wanna work at an airport some day...since I spend so much time at them anyway.

I wanna meet all kinds of people. I'm tired of reading the same types of blogs. I live in Japan most of the time but I'm not like OMG THIS MANGA. OMG THIS ANIME. Sometimes there are good ones but I don't obsess over it. Now...if we're talking about American Comics..that might be a different story. Marvel rocks my world.

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