Mira (cinnamonsugar) wrote in add_me,

Hello! My name is Mira and I'm 25. I'm from California, USA. I've had this journal for a long time but lately have just been using it to participate in communities and rarely post. I'd like to start posting more and reading actual people's entries rather than just community entries, though, so I'd like to find some more active friends!

My interests include art, animation, Disneyland, fashion (from couture to street), etc. I'm obsessed with the show Lost. I have a really curious nature and love learning about everything. I love science! I want to go on an adventure and travel to all sorts of places that few people get to see.

I'm currently working a retail job and completing an externship at a veterinary hospital, so most of my entries are either about that or picture entries about things I've done or places I've gone.

I'm looking to add active, like minded people. Thanks for looking!

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