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A dream for a dream..

Hey everyone, i am new to LJ so looking for like minded friends and so forth, but of course before people add me or think about it, ill put a little bit about me first. :)

First thing's first, i am 25 years of age, living in cornwall in england, engaged to a wonderful guy and together we have a 2 and half year old daughter. Life is busy with those two and a manic cat and of course with my old hobbies and movements i pretty much do not have a single moment to myself until 7pm each evening but that suits me :) Other than that i am a qualified nurse although at the moment i am just raising my daughter whist my partner works... i just do not seem to have the heart anymore to go in be a nurse in the way concidering how the way the nhs has become and the way hospitals are now run i cannot become part of that side anymore but thats too much information.

Other than what i have said above i have a huge desire to create jewlerry which i am currently working on some new designs and how best to mold them. I am a huge fan girl to jdramas well any korean dramas to be honest same with taiwanese as long as the story is good, characters worth watching i dont even notice the fact im reading it. Best way to be. Some of my favourites are hana yori dango, hana kimi [jap version too], devil beside you, why why love, liar game, gokusen 1,2,3, your beautiful, kimi wa peto and loads loads more. :)

Music wise i adore everything and anything except a lot of classical. At the moment i tend to be listening to a lot of foreign music from a lot of korean bands such as Arashi, kattun, news, gackt, dbsk, rainie yang, boa, kodi kumi, wonder girls and loads more from that genre. Other than that i a fan of some old music such as stuff from meat loaf, ub40, sting, davie bowie, phil collins, rod stewart, drifters, commodors, fleetwood mac, michael jackson, four seasons and many more.

I adore rap and hip hop and its weird for a girl to like them so much but some of the songs are brilliant, not all about shooting people up which is good. Some of my fav artists are ndubz [i see them more as hiphop than pop tbh], 2pac, snoop, dre, eminem, dmx, lil wayne, flo rida and a lot more.

As for movies i am a fan of the twilight series, [ i know sue me rofl]. harry potter, lotr, whoopy goldbergs movies, jim careys movies, bruce willis movies, snatch, menace to society, boys n the hood, kidulthood, adulthood, will smiths movies, disney [lol always been a fan and with lil one i have to be with the ammount she watches them], i like some horrors, mostly comedys and some dramas i do enjoy a tear jerker here and then but not all the time.

tv series haha i am such a geek i am mad on csi i have box sets of miami and ny at the moment, Also love torchwood and doctor who, cannot seem to get enough of that series, Numbers is a new one i have become to like because it is slightly different approach to a crime series. Ghost whisperer i got into this from day one and never really stopped watching it. doctor quinn medicine women i am a fan of as i watched this when i was younger, much younger and really enjoyed it and just recently noticed there showing it again so ive gone and gotten into it all again, soldier soldier adore this series got boxset of it also as i am a squaddys daughter i can relate to a lot of what is shown in there and i suppose it brings back memories for me.  xfiles again got whole series told ya i was a utter geek.

Huge fan of anime such as spirited away, howls moving castle, fireflys, princess mononoke pretty much all his work, fruit baskets, zoe, hack, hellsing, trigun, FMA, wolves rain, blood last vampire, vampire hunter d, fusugi yugi, chobits, trinity blood and many more which i really cannot remember right now.

other than that i am a full blown gamer when i get the time, i played legend of ares before it closed down, hoping for it to be released again as it was one of the best pvp games out there today. i play jade dynasty and run a alliance there it is a pretty good mmo and pvp isnt too bad if you go into the pvp realms but sadly it doesnt compare so much with loa. :) i am on gaia online as a community :). Hm i am a final fantasy fan, have xbox live and pretty much love any rpg, drama games there are including a lot of fun ones. i have a lot of consoles from olden days and i must say i still love my ps2 as it has all the early ffs on it, legend of dragoon, alundra, vagrant story, kodelka, shadow hearts and many more plus sing star which i must say is very fun when you have a house full xD

Hm damn this is long what else, i am mad on makeup and everything to do with it. :) so expect a lot about that and also probably some tutorials as well XD

other than that i suppose if people want to know more they can ask me themselves, enjoy

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