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About journal
I like comments and i`d like to speak with my lj friends. I find interesting to learn smth new from different people.
I don`t like when somebody has more than 100 friends. Sometimes it means that he or she can`t go through friends page. But in fact it`s normal,coz some users are able to comment this huge amount of friends; BtW, I have a big list of communities^^. Don`t worry i`m not i psycho

Yeap, it`s my name. My friends  also call me Dasha  (it`s another version of my name) or sometimes when people forget my name they call me curly (i have very curly hair,as lamb has XD)
It`s not a joke. I`m from Russia, and i`m proud of my country! If you don`t like Russia get out from my diary! As for me i respect every country, and i don`t understand people whom hate another countries and nations
I`m nineteen years old girl^^
I speak Russian and English, but often i make grammar mistakes and i use many russian expressions. That`s why you may not to understand me! Sorry^^
Also i know some Spanish and French words)))) 60% Russian, 40% English.
Reading books - this is my drug. I always reading! My favourite writer is Haggard. Also i like Dumas, O. Henry ,Maupassant,Honore de Balzac, Poe, Stendhal and etc
I`m addicted to Christian Rock. My favourite groups are - 12 stones, trapt, red, evans blue. In addition, i like grunge,rock`n`roll and new age : nirvana,nickelback, papa roach, elvis <3 , little richard, the beatles, the who, aerosmith, enya and etc.


Tristan  Isolde, The Lord of rings, Interview with vampire, X-Men 1 2 & 3, Wanted, Pride & Prejudice,Troy, Alexander, Legends of Fall, 10 things i hate about you, Lake House, She's the man, Covenant

James Franco,ian somerhalder, Keanu Reeves, Heath Ledger
, Hugh Jackman,Amanda Bynes,Channing Tatum, Laura Ramsey, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Colin Farrell and etc...
John Jasper from The Mystery of Edwin Drood; vampire Jasper from Twilight; Rogue.Gambit and Wolverine from X- men and etc
I Love
Retro style, rain, beautiful and strange photos, autumn, winter, the begining of summer, parties, new things, when life is always change and i meet new interesting people. New Zeland < 3. I`ve always dreamt about living in this beautiful country. X-men: Evolution!!!!
I Hate
Emo, Trash, Stupid people, paulo coelho, cigarettes One Tree Hill,Supernatural,Robert Pattison,Kristen Stewart, Twilight movie.

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